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2024 HCP Cureblindness Research Initiative Grant Awards

The Research Wing of HCP Cureblindness is excited to offer HCP Clinical Research Grants this year. We are now accepting applications for the 2024 HCP Cureblindness Research Initiative Grant Awards! Grants will be awarded to Faculty Ophthalmologists as well as Ophthalmology Residents.

We invite you to learn more and send in your application at the link below.

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HCP Cureblindness has been involved in research for nearly twenty-five years. Since the organization’s inception, professionals associated with HCP Cureblindness have been publishing in a wide range of ophthalmological and public health journals. Articles about HCP Cureblindness have been published in both academic and general-audience sources.

Below is a selection of academic articles featuring HCP Cureblindness’s work.

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