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Aiding Effective Prevention

HCP equips local community health workers to rapidly treat corneal abrasions before blindness sets in. By meeting patients where they are, our work in prevention helps communities bridge critical gaps in the primary health care system.

To date, HCP with partners has seen


success rate of corneal ulcers treated, preventing the need for transplants


cases of corneal blindness prevented

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HCP first piloted prevention programs in Nepal and India. Here, we trained local female community health workers to screen and provide first aid care to patients with corneal abrasions. These health workers became their communities’ first responders.

These community health workers can also refer to eye care centers for more advanced eye conditions. This program not only prevents new cases of corneal blindness but also strengthens local health care systems.

Since 2016, the prevention program has provided training for more than 900 community health workers in Nepal and India. HCP is expanding the prevention program by scaling in new and existing geographies, investing in technology and developing new curricula to prevent new cases of corneal blindness. The program is focused on developing innovative partnerships with governments, other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private companies to collaborate and invest in prevention.