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Technology & Procurement Program

As eye care activities increase throughout South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, HCP Cureblindness has responded by bolstering our procurement program.

The HCP procurement and consumables program continually sources the best options for ophthalmic equipment to send to program sites. We offer services for purchasing, shipping and maintenance support of these items.

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HCP outfits HCP surgical outreaches with $1-2M worth of specialized equipment, supplies and furniture each year. The team also procures equipment and consumables for non-HCP programs. To learn more about available services, click here.

These materials are critical in bringing high-quality eye care services to remote corners of the world.

One microscope acquired by a clinic in a developing country can translate into the opportunity to provide thousands of life-restoring surgeries.

Our Procurement Program, based in Silver Spring, Maryland, has over 13 years of experience in procuring and shipping ophthalmic medical equipment and consumables to African and Asian countries.