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Dr. Gloria Kyeremeh at Tarkwa Hospital in Ghana, completing the first outreach with her new outreach kit.

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Gift of Equipment Allows Rural Doctor to Cure Blindness

news | Ghana | Feb 13, 2024

With much needed instruments, Dr. Gloria Kyeremeh, an ophthalmologist from rural Ghana, is able to treat and cure more cases of blindness.

Treating blindness in some of the most under-resourced countries of the world is our primary mission, but what does it really take to make it happen? One of the major challenges is getting to remote villages of Ghana, Ethiopia, Nepal, and other nations needing quality eye care. HCP is investing in multiple areas to expand access to quality eye care in these areas.

Investment in long-term infrastructure facilities, such as the specialty eye center under construction in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, is one of the most important steps in this process. The center is expected to perform 45,500 cataract operations and 254,500 eye exams in its first five years of operation, while also providing over 100 training opportunities to regional ophthalmic eye care professionals.

Constructing these permanent facilities takes time and materials, but HCP is not waiting idly. Our organization is also empowering local teams in various locations, including those without permanent infrastructure, by sending them Surgical Outreach Kits filled with essential equipment and instruments for eye surgeries like small incision cataract surgery (SICS). These kits profoundly impact patients' lives, as shared by Dr. Gloria Kyeremeh, an ophthalmologist from rural Ghana.

Meet Dr. Gloria Kyeremeh

Dr. Gloria Kyeremeh's story is a testament to the impact of outreach efforts and the transformational power of providing necessary medical instruments to in-country teams. As an ophthalmologist serving a bustling region in Ghana known for its mining activities, Dr. Gloria was all too familiar with the devastating effects of eye injuries and cataracts on her patients.

Despite her expertise and determination to make a difference, Dr. Gloria faced significant challenges in providing urgently needed eye care to her patients. She lacked the necessary instruments and equipment to perform surgeries and often had to refer her patients to distant facilities, which caused delays and limited access to timely care.

However, everything changed when Dr. Gloria received a Surgical Outreach Kit from HCP. As she opened the kit, she found all the essential equipment, instruments, and consumables needed for performing small incision cataract surgery (SICS). Dr. Gloria was overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement as she realized the impact this would have on her patients and her community.

With the Surgical Outreach Kit in hand, Dr. Gloria could perform emergency surgeries on patients who had lost their sight due to cataracts. One patient, in particular, had bilateral blindness and had become reliant on others for daily assistance, losing her independence and quality of life. But after undergoing surgery with the instruments from the Outreach Kit, her world changed dramatically.

With restored vision, the patient regained her independence and could move independently,
sell her goods at the market, and enjoy life once more. Dr. Gloria witnessed firsthand the profound impact that timely and accessible eye care had on her patient's life. She was grateful for the opportunity to restore vision to those in need.

Dr. Gloria's story is just one example of how empowering in-country teams with necessary medical instruments can have a transformative and sustainable impact on communities. Because of your support, local doctors like Dr. Gloria are empowered to provide life- changing eye care to their patients, restoring vision and improving lives in remote and underserved areas.

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