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Tigist Tulu
Senior Coordinator, Quality

ET Team Tigist Tulu

Since 2019, Tigist has worked as the Senior Optometrist for HCP’s Ethiopia office. Her work includes training in biometry and refraction for optometrists and ophthalmic nurses at partner hospitals.

Before joining HCP, Tigist worked as an optometrist for several HCP partner hospitals in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Tigist also worked as a clinical optometrist at Debretabor General Hospital and Wachamo University. She taught as an assistant lecturer at Wachamo University and was a guest lecturer at Hossana Medical College. Additionally, Tigist worked at Yeka Kotebe Referral Hospital at Addis Ababa as a department head and clinical optometrist.

Tigist holds a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Optometry from University of Gondar.