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Punam Bhandari
Country Director, Nepal and Bhutan

Punam staffpage

Punam Bhandari serves as our Regional Manager supporting Himalayan Cataract Project’s portfolio in the South Asia region. She is working closely with in-country governments and partners in this region to support HCP with the need assessments, activities planning and budgeting, project approval process, and support with project implementation.

Punam joined HCP after spending 10 plus years working in the development sector in Nepal. She has experience working with fair trade handicraft producers, disaster management projects and the rural health facilities in remote places. Her latest role was Manager-Finance and Administration at the non profit organization All Hands and Hearts, USA. She used to look after the finance and administration of All Hands and Hearts projects in Nepal that includes the disaster response programs, construction of many schools, female mason training, livelihoods, gender equity and disaster risk reduction programs, provided with drinking water sanitation and hygiene facilities for local community people in Nepal.

She holds her Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Presidential Business School, Nepal.

Punam works from Nepal. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the country life of Nepal and travelling to the white and green mountains.