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Jeff Doretti
Vice President, Global Talent & HR

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Jeff is the Director of Global Talent and HR for HCP Cureblindness, driving the efficiency of internal Operations, Human Resources, and IT supports. He is re-engineering business processes and guiding our global teams to scale operations in a complex, rapidly changing environment.

Prior to joining HCP, Jeff championed international operations, workforce development, and human resources for global profit and non-profit organizations focused on international education, travel, and renewable energy. Jeff has managed operations and staff supports throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Europe, and Asia.

Jeff earned his Master of Education from Cabrini College and his B.A. from Boston College, majoring in Communications & Marketing. Jeff received his aPHR certification as a Human Resource Professional in 2020. He has dedicated his career developing educational and interpersonal programming for under resourced communities.

Outside of work, Jeff enjoys hiking, cribbage, and volunteering for organizations supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Jeff and his dog Splash recently moved to Vermont after living on his boat for 17 years in the Boston Harbor.