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Dr. Liknaw Adamu
Senior Technical Advisor, Eastern Africa

Dr Liknaw staffpage

Dr. Liknaw began working for HCP as the organization’s country representative in Ethiopia, responsible for administrative, management, and technical needs. Dr. Liknaw transitioned to his current position as Eastern Africa Clinical/Technical Advisor for HCP in 2021.

Throughout his extensive medical career, Dr. Liknaw worked as a physician and leader in ophthalmic departments in several regions within Ethiopia, including rural, secondary hospitals.

Dr. Liknaw’s work was recognized by the Ophthalmological Society of Ethiopia (OSE) in 2011 when he received an award for his contributions to advancing eye care services in Ethiopia. His industry memberships include the OSE, Ethiopian Medical Association, Ethiopian Public Health Association, and he is a Member and Fellow of the College of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (COECSA). Dr. Liknaw served as team lead for the Prevention of Blindness (PBL) in Ethiopia and a national PBL coordinator for the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH). He worked with the World Health Organization in the national professional office on eye care to support and advise the FMOH on eye care. Dr. Liknaw has also worked as an independent eye care consultant to implement eye health related surveys and programs for NGOs in Ethiopia.

Dr. Liknaw holds an MD with distinction from Moscow Medical School, attained a Specialty Certificate in Ophthalmology from Addis Ababa University, and has an MSc with distinction in Community Eye Health from the International Center for Eye Health, University College London-UCL, UK.