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Dr. Hiwot Degineh Mengistie
Chief Clinical Officer, Bahir Dar Specialty Eye Center

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Dr Hiwot has worked as ophthalmologist and department head at one of referral hospital in Amhara region. She joined HCP Starting from June 2021 with the role of chief clinical officer of HCP–BahirDar Specialty Eyecare center. She has completed Doctor of Medicine in Jimma university and subsequently finished her ophthalmology residency in Addis Abeba university in 2014. She had professional trainings in different parts of Africa and Asia countries like Kenya, Tanzania ,India and Nepal. As of 2016 she has been also involved in teaching of medical students of BahirDar university for their ophthalmology attachment.

Besides to her routine activities she has been involved in different community services focusing on blindness prevention programs.

- She has organized and led cataract surgery campaigns in different hospitals of Ethiopia, where more than 200,000 patients were screened and out of which more than 20,000 sight restoring surgeries performed.

-She has trained more than 100 Integrated Eye Care workers in the region to work on trachoma induced blindness prevention programs.

-She has trained health professionals to be involved in Trachoma Impact Survey (tropical data) in the Amhara region in collaboration with world health organization (WHO) and Carter center Ethiopia.

She has received the 2022 Ophthalmological Society of Ethiopia (OSE) Award for ‘A Role model young ophthalmologist serving in difficult working situation and underserved areas’