Aron Abraha Gidey | CureBlindness

Aron Abraha Gidey
Staff Accountant / HR Administrator


He is responsible for the day-to-day operations of HCP’s Ethiopia office, including finance human resource and procurement activities.

Aron earned his Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance at Debre Berhan University Ethiopia. Has attended asset valuation, internal auditing, and office management small trainings inside grade A accounting firm in Ethiopia and have given training accounting for beginners.

Prior to joining HCP, Aron has been working in a grad “A” audit firm in Ethiopia as an auditor in many sectors like NGO, agriculture, manufacturing, real estate, and many more for 2 years and 3 years by being a financial consultant for many companies that have been working in Ethiopia and outside of Ethiopia.

Along with being a strong team player, Communicating and interacting with his coworkers are two of Aron's essential qualities.