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Allyson Levin
Director of Development

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Allyson Levin is the Deputy Director of Development for HCP Cureblindness. Throughout her career, she has worked on a number of international aid projects including a water purification in northern Nicaragua; a sustainable dairy farm in the Arava Desert, Israel; and a U.S.-based primary school for recent immigrants from Haiti.

Prior to joining the HCP team, Allyson worked for the Palm Beach Conservation Society, National Public Radio, and Yedei Chesed of Rockland County specializing in development and political strategy. Allyson has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts and continued her studies in Theology and Ethics during a fellowship at Eyaht College, Jerusalem. Allyson lives in South Florida and enjoys writing, cooking for her family and friends, and kayaking Florida’s beautiful waterways.