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Education and Training for Continued Success

Our mission is to build sustainable eye health care systems that function effectively over the long-term with minimal external involvement. We provide top-rate education and training opportunities at all levels of ophthalmology by working closely with a variety of partner institutions and affiliated ophthalmologists in the USA, South Asia, Africa and Europe.

Since 1994, HCP has directly supported the training of 18,000 ophthalmic personnel from 19 countries, either onsite at their home institutions or at one of our partner training facilities in Nepal, India, Australia, England, Ethiopia, Israel, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and the United States.

HCP’s main training facility for hands-on clinical surgical experience is the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology in Kathmandu, Nepal. Tilganga provides a wide range of training opportunities, including both short and long-term options for primary eye care workers, ophthalmic assistants, equipment maintenance personnel, optometrists, orthoptists, ophthalmic nurses, ophthalmology residents, ophthalmologists, and ophthalmology sub-specialists. From 1994 to 2016, 19,381 ophthalmic personnel from 43 countries have received specialized training at Tilganga of which 493 are doctors.

HCP clinical trainers, or Affiliated Ophthalmologists, from US Medical Institutions - such as the Moran Eye Center, Duke University, and Medford Eye Center - volunteer their time to mentor a trainee by hosting them at their practice and/ or providing ongoing mentorship at the trainee’s home institution.

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