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Paul Jorizzo, MD
Affiliated Ophthalmologist

Paul jorizzo md

Paul Jorizzo, MD

Partner and Director of the Glaucoma Service, Medical Eye Center, Oregon.

Dr. Paul Jorizzo graduated from Union College in Schenectady, New York, and medical school at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. Moving to the west coast, he completed five years of ophthalmology training at the Oregon Health Sciences University including: ophthalmology residency, a one-year medical retina fellowship, and a formal fellowship in glaucoma.

Jorizzo is director of the glaucoma service at the Medical Eye Center in Medford, Oregon. He has a busy glaucoma and cataract practice and shares a partnership with Dr. Matt Oliva and Dr. Paul Imperia.

With his partners, Dr. Jorizzo has hosted Himalayan Cataract Project fellows from Nepal, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Ghana. He and his children have participated in international eye surgical expeditions in Peru, Kiribati and multiple locations in Ethiopia. In addition to teaching and treating cataract and glaucoma patients, they have enjoyed photographing their experiences for HCP.