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New Beginnings: Launching into 2021

news | Jan 31, 2021

Delivering care to the most vulnerable patients has always been a priority for HCP. Despite the challenges presented by Covid in 2020, HCP’s in-country partners have wasted no time delivering life-changing care and ophthalmic training in 2021.

In January, our Ethiopian and Ghanaian teams, following their respective Ministries of Health guidelines, set to work on our ambitious 2021 surgical and training targets.


Moving to smaller-scale surgical outreaches in Ghana has enabled HCP’s partners to continue to deliver care during the pandemic. Two partners managed outreach events this month.

HCP partner, Right to Sight and Health, led by Dr. Judith Simon, held an outreach in Kintampo where 30 patients received sight-restoring surgeries.

This week, the National Cataract Outreach Program (NCOP) has organized a surgical event in Koforidua where an anticipated 400 surgeries will be performed. The NCOP was established to build a sustainable national eye care program that incentivizes Ghanaian eye care service providers to make quality cataract surgery more accessible to everyone in the country.

(Above Photos: Kintampo outreach)


Last summer, HCP’s Ethiopia team developed training modules, in consultation with clinical advisors and partners in Nepal and Ghana, designed to build in-county capacity. The modules in operation theater nursing, biometry, and ophthalmic equipment care and maintenance were intended to be utilized in Ethiopia and also deployed to other HCP country programs.

The HCP Ethiopia team traveled to Bahir Dar this week to provide training using the modules. The modules will help eye care professionals at Felege Hiwot Hospital better treat their local populations.

(Above Photos: Training in Bahir Dar)

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