CureBlindness | Meet 65 year old Sabitra Magar
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Meet 65 year old Sabitra Magar

profiles | Nov 30, 2018

​Sabitra Magar received sight-restoring cataract surgery at a cataract outreach event at Tilganga's Ramechhap Community Eye Clinic in Ramechap, Nepal.

Accompanied by her son, Shikhar, Sabitra traveled over 2 hours by bus to Ramechhap. Following the successful cataract surgery, Sabitra’s vision was restored after 3 years of blindness in her left eye. Due to his mother's blindness, Shikhar had been unable to work. He said he can now go back to work without worrying about his mother and that her surgery had changed the lives of everyone in their family.

Tilganga ophthalmologists Dr. Indira Poudyal and Dr. Bibhuti Thapa were the lead surgeons for the outreach. Two HCP trainees from Ethiopia were also in attendance - Abraham Aregay from Woldiya Hospital and Asamenewu Godama from Arba Minch Hospital - both training in outreach management.

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