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Linda Awuku

profiles | Ghana | May 31, 2022

Linda Awuku, a 26-year-old aspiring fashion designer, struggled with her vision for years before receiving care at an HCP outreach in Cape Coast, Ghana. In junior high school, seeing the board and reading books became a challenge. She visited an eye clinic and received glasses but wouldn’t wear them after her friends teased her.

She says she regrets not wearing her glasses now as her vision worsened. As a fashion apprentice, there were times she needed colleagues to help thread her needle.

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“I could not do it independently, which was not a good sign since I wish to be a great fashion designer someday,” she shared.

Because Linda’s vision was affecting her apprenticeship, she decided to get surgery. She traveled to Cape Coast from Daboase to attend an HCP outreach. She brought her 10-month-old child with her and her mother to help look after the baby.

The surgery went smoothly and restored her vision.

“Doing this surgery has opened a new page for me,” Linda said. “I know I will give my best to succeed at my job and take care of my children.”

With improved vision, Linda intends to go to fashion school in the near future.

We look forward to following the career of this up and coming fashion designer!

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