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Moses Kuir I Iw
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International Team Brings Care and Training

news | South Sudan | Feb 28, 2022

After years of civil war and with only two ophthalmologists and one ophthalmic nurse serving a population of nearly 13 million people, most South Sudanese lack adequate access to eye care.

HCP is working with our partners to reduce avoidable blindness in South Sudan as well as develop partnerships that strengthen the country’s national eye care system.

Working with the Ministry of Health, we recently held surgical outreaches in Old Fangak and Mangala. A remote town devastated by flooding, Old Fangak has drawn refugees from all over who were displaced by the country’s civil war. And despite being relatively close to Juba, Mangala access to critical eye care remains limited.

Our team included Geoff Tabin, HCP’s co-founder; Lloyd Williams, surgeon, as well as a medical team from HCP Ethiopia: Meseret Fantahun, senior ophthalmic nurse; Tigist Tulu, senior optometrist; and Abreham Haddis, senior biomedical engineer.

You can see pictures from our outreaches here.

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