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HCP Announces Partnership with DigiSight

news | Nov 20, 2015

DigiSight launches tool that is helping the Himalayan Cataract Project fight global blindness.

DigiSight Technologies, Inc., a digital health company developing mobile solutions designed to engage patients and help physicians improve care and clinical outcomes, announced the launch of a new suite of products at the 2015 Ophthalmology Innovation Summit (OIS@AAO) in Las Vegas. The Paxos™ portfolio of products includes a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based portal, a vision assessment smartphone application, a powerful mobile imaging device, and analytics that, together, allow physicians and researchers to monitor patient data in real time.

The company’s Paxos product suite includes the Paxos Scope™. The Paxos Scope is a hardware add-on with a mobile application that allows health care providers to capture ophthalmic photographs of patients anywhere. Paxos Scope is the first and only combined anterior and posterior segment mobile imaging system available for smartphones, incorporating advanced technology licensed from Stanford University.

Ophthalmologists affiliated with HCP evaluated Paxos Scope recently in Nepal during a high-volume cataract campaign and were impressed with the technology.

“It's a game-changer, especially in terms of screening patients in remote areas,” said John Welling, M.D., Himalayan Cataract Project International Fellow. “Traditional ocular imaging equipment is not portable, and cost-prohibitive in much of the developing world. In the absence of quality image-sharing capability, patients will often be referred, which means traveling to an eye care facility – sometimes days away – to receive a proper diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

"In contrast, Paxos Scope enables a high-quality image to be sent from the point of care to a specialist within seconds. The goal is to improve patient care by harnessing technology that most of us are already carrying around in our pockets,” said Welling.

More information on the new technology can be found here.

It's a game-changer, especially in terms of screening patients in remote areas."

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