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Eye Center in Oregon Initiates Global Partners Program

profiles | Nov 30, 2017

Group of HCP Affiliated Ophthalmologists at Medical Eye Center in Medford, OR spearhead fundraising effort in support of HCP

The Medical Eye Center (MEC) of Medford, Oregon has started a new initiative called the Global Partners Program to support our efforts to eradicate preventable and curable blindness. Through this program, the surgeons at MEC have pledged to personally sponsor one sight-restoring cataract surgery in Nepal, Ghana or Ethiopia for every Laser Vision Correction (LASIK) surgery they perform. MEC is home to HCP Board Member, Dr. Matt Oliva and several HCP Affiliated Ophthalmologists - Drs. Paul Jorizzo, Paul Imperia and John Welling, who also serves as HCP’s Medical Coordinator for Ghana.

When asked to describe the program’s goals Dr. Oliva said:

“The MEC Global Partners Program was designed to raise awareness about the massive amount of needless cataract blindness in the world and that something can be done about it. When patients get laser vision correction here in Oregon, they are often amazed by their new vision and feel compelled to give the gift of sight to others. Through our global partners program, their surgeon will sponsor a sight-restoring cataract surgery in Ethiopia, Ghana, or Nepal for every Laser vision correction performed here at MEC.”

Additionally, when asked what prompted MEC to start the Global Partners Program, Dr. Welling added:

“Medical Eye Center has a long tradition of international engagement - whether providing teaching, training and surgery abroad, or hosting trainees here at our own practice. Global engagement is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of what we do. Our patients frequently express interest in this work and want to know how they can be involved. The Global Partners Program is an organic outgrowth of this shared interest - allowing patients and providers to partner together to provide sight-restoring cataract surgery where it is needed most.”

Our partners at MEC put action and compassion into their work, represented by their tagline, “Improve your vision. Change a life.” They not only give their time and medical expertise, they are also sharing our mission with their community, and helping us to eliminate needless blindness - one patient at a time.

For information on how to start a program similar to this in your practice, contact HCP Communications Manager, Angelia Rorison at


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