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Dr. Kumale Tolesa

profiles | Jun 30, 2017

Ethiopian Pediatric Ophthalmology Sub-specialist Completes First Leg of Fellowship

Dr. Kumale Tolesa of Jimma University, Ethiopia is nearing completion of a 4-month pediatric fellowship sub-specialty training program at the Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology. This is the first step of her fellowship training and also an opportunity to participate in cross-cultural knowledge exchange while in Nepal. Dr. Tolesa will complete her training July 31, before attending the 2017 WCEOVS optometry conference, September 11-12 in Paris.

The Himalayan Cataract Project (HCP) has supported Dr. Kumale’s sub-specialty program thus far, and will look to support further training opportunities for her so that she can meet the 12 month requirement for a pediatric ophthalmology sub-specialty fellowship. Dr. Kumale also previously attended a short-term training opportunity in phacoemulsification at Jimma University that was supported by HCP.

HCP’s sub-specialty training programs are designed to train young ophthalmologists to operate at the highest international level of ophthalmology. In addition, HCP’s Affiliated Ophthalmologists work with local residency directors in Nepal, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Bhutan on curriculum development, providing lectures while in country and hands-on training through cataract campaigns and in-country workshops. Through these top-rated education and training opportunities HCP is able to build sustainable eye health care systems that function effectively over the long-term.

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