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Curt Schlosser

profiles | Mar 22, 2017

“The reason I am always smiling is that every day when I get up and can see, ​I tend to smile the whole day. People notice that and I tell them why.”

Vision has always been at the forefront of Curt Schlosser’s life. As a young man, Curt was diagnosed with keratoconus, a degenerative disease that causes the cornea of the eye to thin and bulge. Due to his condition, Curt received a corneal transplant at the age of 28. After his transplant, he served as an electronics technician, working with highly sophisticated equipment in the US Navy for 14 years. Curt then needed a second corneal transplant in order to continue his service. With his vision once again restored, he was able to pursue his studies in Theology and serve as a chaplain in the Army for an additional 24 years.

Over the years, Curt has received a total of four corneal transplants, including one in 2013, which was performed by Himalayan Cataract Project Board Member, Dr. Matt Oliva.Through Dr. Oliva and HCP Affiliated Ophthalmologist (and former International Fellow) Dr. John Welling, Curt learned more about HCP and the cost-effective and life restoring surgeries that we provide. With his own history, Curt understands the importance of vision and decided to donate funds to support cataract surgeries.

“I cannot imagine how radically my life would be different if I lost my vision after having such a great life with vision. My vision is my most valuable sense, I guess because it has been threatened. That’s why I want to help others see through the hands of Drs. Welling and Oliva.”

Now retired, Curt enjoys fly fishing, camping and volunteering with organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project and Healing Waters, and serving as a chaplain at his local VFW.“I greatly enjoy life and cannot even begin to describe how life would be for me without sight.”

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