CureBlindness | Artist Regains Sight at HCP Cureblindness Outreach
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27-year-old Michael Ankomanyi, a graphic designer in Ghana

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Artist Regains Sight at HCP Cureblindness Outreach

news | Ghana | Jan 24, 2024

For 27-year-old Michael Ankomanyi, losing one’s sight is the equivalent to losing one’s soul.

As a graphic designer, 27-year-old Michael Ankomanyi creates visual elements to delight the senses. Losing his sight meant not only losing his livelihood but also his identity as an artist. In his own words, he tells us how HCP Cureblindness changed his life.

Hear Michael share his story:

“The eye is the window to the body. It sees everything and transmits information to the brain. If you can’t see, then you are lacking.

I have experienced very dark moments; I lost all hope. For days, I would sit in my room and cry. I never imagined regaining my sight again. Michael Ankomanyi

I come from Tarkwa, and I live 2 kilometers away from the Tarkwa Municipal Hospital. I arrived here at 7:30 am to perform surgery on my left eye. In October, my right eye was worked on, and since then, my sight has been fantastic.

I was initially scared of the surgical procedure, but I needed to conquer my fears or live in darkness forever. As a young man, the thoughts of being unable to make a living and move about by myself were even scarier. Desperate, I tried several herbal medications but never found a remedy. I traveled to many places to seek help but failed to find healing.

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One day, a neighbor encouraged me to visit the Tarkwa Municipal Hospital as she had seen people walk out of the place with their sights restored. I am glad I took her advice. I am forever grateful to Dr Gloria Kyeremeh, who did the surgery. I regained sight in the right eye, which has transformed my life. I am confident I will receive the same miracle as the patch is removed from my left eye.

Before my blindness, I wanted to travel outside the country for better job opportunities. My good friend in Qatar has shown me some good-paying job offers. Now that I have my sight, I will try again. However, if I am denied a visa, I would like to invest in equipment to boost my design business.

As a graphic designer, my earnings allow me to pay my rent, support myself and send some money home for my younger brother’s college education. I want to thank the Cureblindness organization for providing these life-changing interventions. For me, hope is restored!”

I want to thank the Cureblindness organization for providing these life-changing interventions. For me, hope is restored!

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