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Cataract Surgery & Innovation in Low to Middle Income Countries

While many causes of illness require long-term treatment (medication, monitoring, hospitalization), cataract does not. Cataract surgery is a one-time, low-cost procedure yielding dramatic results.

To allow widespread delivery of cataract surgery in low to middle income countries, innovations that continue to decrease cost and complexity while preserving the highest level of safety and visual outcomes are urgently needed. HCP is dedicated to creating and implementing solutions to the barriers that impede delivery of cataract care in underserved parts of the trans-Himalayan region. For example, low-cost, portable, and robust operating microscopes and YAG lasers have been developed at TEC.

Source: "Fighting Global Blindness"

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HCP is committed to training surgeons and support staff in low to middle income countries in the highest quality surgical techniques that are sustainable in their countries or context. To accomplish this, we continue to be a leader in the innovation of cataract removal techniques, including improving patient access and teaching advanced technology (such as phacoemulsification), facilitating access to quality low cost consumables, and developing increasingly efficient models of surgical delivery.